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Learn how to change your life - to live a healthy life that you love!

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Welcome! I'm Dr. Susan Biali - a medical doctor, dietitian, life coach and personal growth expert. My greatest passion in life is giving you the knowledge, tools and hope that will help you create a healthy lifestyle, find happiness and enjoy a more meaningful life.

I know what it's like to be stressed, overwhelmed, tired, confused, depressed and frustrated. I've faced multiple major challenges and stressors in my life and managed to come out of each healthier, happier and wiser, and I want to help you learn to do the same.

As a health expert I'm passionate about understanding and applying the latest information on how to create a healthy life and how to have more happiness and joy (because I LOVE to help you be more healthy and happy). I've spent over twenty years studying health, happiness, healthy nutrition, positive psychology, self improvement, self development and how to live a deep, rich spiritual life.

It's my greatest joy for you to learn and benefit from my knowledge and - perhaps even more importantly! - my mistakes and personal life lessons.

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It's time to get your life in balance and to rediscover who you really are - and I would love to help you do that.




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Take those steps you've been putting off - the steps that will finally get you moving in the direction of your most healthy life - and a truly meaningful life.


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In this inspiring and informative program, you’ll discover the Seven Steps that are critical to total health and wellness and true life success, while being entertained by Dr. Susan Biali’s straight-talking and candid style.  This one-of-a-kind physician, health expert, life coach, author, professional motivational speaker and flamenco dancer (who is also a dietitian) will share with your group her most powerful insights and techniques on a variety of practical themes, including living a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, self-development, building self-esteem, life balance and even improving their spiritual life. She’ll leave your people enlightened, energized, and motivated to immediately apply their new knowledge to their lives both at work and at home. (available as a keynote or workshop)

 "Dr.Susan Biali is a breath of fresh air!  She has a natural ability as a speaker and facilitator to connect with everyone and engage her audience from the first moment to the last.  Her amazing life story is woven throughout her topic which makes you want to listen and pay attention to what's next.  A rare and lovely woman who really does 'practice what she preaches'" - Debra Kelly, Sol Spirits Conference Planner, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Dr.Biali, you truly are an inspiration to anyone who has the privilege of attending one of your talks.   You speak from your heart, and your own experience is a clear witness that you live life as it should be lived. With your passion, energy, and enthusiasm, you will continue to motivate your audiences wherever you speak.   I think of your talk often, and thank you for that spark of energy you provide.” - Marcy Court (audience member) 


Are your people too busy to get it all done, with little time or energy left at the end of the day, or at the end of the week?   Is the fast pace of both life and work taking a silent toll on their health and energy, not to mention their productivity?    Health and wellness expert and life coach Doctor Susan Biali created this program in response to the imbalance, stress and frustration she continually observes in her patients, clients, and society as a whole.  In this eye-opening, life-changing keynote or seminar, Dr. Biali will teach and coach your group on how to: honor who they really are; interpret and respond to their body's "language"; and create balance, health and wellness in the midst of life's chaos.  They will leave knowing just what to do next, feeling optimistic and inspired about their life and their future! (available as a keynote, seminar or workshop)

"Dr. Susan Biali's presentation on Wellness, Balance and Hope, at the University Women's Club of Vancouver, was an unforgettable evening for everyone! So many people told me how much they enjoyed the evening and, often, that they had tears in their eyes near the end of her talk.  Dr. Biali was a dream to work with." - Alice Hurst, organizer of the annual Hycroft Lecture, University Women's Club of Vancouver

"The audience was captivated as Dr. Biali shared from her life experiences and education, in such a way that everyone in the audience could identify with her, while self-reflecting on their own lives.  It was an incredible evening. Dr. Biali's magic, her gift, is in her truthfulness.  She is living her best life and that comes through in her speaking.  That integrity IS inspirational and is what makes her such a dynamic and powerful speaker." - Teresa Shields, conference co-coordinator and Co-Director, Centro Mujeres Mexico

"Dr. Biali's presentation was warm, heartfelt and very personal.  Her obvious enthusiasm is infectious.  Although not all of us can find our inner Flamenco dancer, I'm certain she inspired many in the audience to make 'someday' today for their own dreams." - E.L. (audience member)

 "Dr. Biali was a refreshing balm to a hard-working, toiling Medical Staff of a Community Hospital, reminding us to look to our dreams and goals which have been put aside for the sake of our worldly responsibilities.  She reminded us "to be true to ourselves!" and "to do it now!" " - Dr. Elaine Mah, M.D., Head of Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Coordinator of Annual Medical Dinner, Langley Memorial Hospital

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I often wonder what the world would be like, if we all simply did what truly moved us, what we felt calling to us – no matter how 'ridiculous' or 'impractical'.   Imagine how much less depression, anger, frustration and hopelessness there might be – in your own life, and the world around you."  - Susan Biali


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Dr. Susan Biali’s refreshing enthusiasm for life shines through in her public appearances speaking on life and wellness issues. I’ll never forget the day one of her seminars not only packed the room she was speaking in but drew an overflow crowd listening just as intently outside the door! Her inspiration is both engaging and infectious.

Rick Campbell, Editor & Associate Publisher, The Medical Post

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